iBhejo wishes you a grand and happiest Republic Day this year 2023. Republic Day celebration is always a special affair with republic day parade, republic day painting, republic day speech, republic day history and republic day flag hoisting ceremony brings forth the diverse and grandeur of the nation with complete joy and heritage prestige.

iBhejo salutes the nation with such diversified regions and people and this 74th Republic Day of India would be another chapter in nation’s building. Republic Day of India is not to be confused with Independence day of India as it is celebrated on August 15 and this day is celebrated on January 26th. January 26th each year is marked by several republic day celebrations wherein Republic Day Sale is also a big thing to shop your wishlisted items at bigger discounts.

Marching bands, rifle firing, air force soaring and then the joy of tiny Indians flaunting republic day outfits in the crowd is a wholesome pleasuring view of every Republic Day celebration at India Gate. Today, Republic Day celebration is marked by a grand republic day parade at India Gate where India showcases its glory and pride.


In 1947, India got her independence after a century-long struggle from the British Empire. However, it became a constitutional monarchy with King George VI as the head of the state. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru became the first Prime Minister of India under the British Crown. India and Pakistan both remained as Dominions under the United Kingdoms for many years but in the year 1950, India declared herself as a republic nation.

After the partition and Independence of India, she needed her own constitutional framework and thus, the Constitution of India came into existence. Dr. Ambedkar drafted the constitution after doing a long research about constitutions around the world. The Constitution of India was completely adopted on November 26th, 1950 and in the year 1950, January 26th, it fully came into effect and Dominion of India became a Republic of India.

India attained her own constitutional framework to rule and govern the country. Thus, January 26th is celebrated as the Republic Day of India with greater joy and prestige than Independence Day of India. Republic Day of India is also a national holiday. celebrates this 74th Republic Day of India with tricolor at our core and pride in our service towards the nation.

REPUBLIC DAY QUOTES presents to you a specially curated list of Republic day quotes in the honour of celebrating this 74th Republic Day of India. Celebrate this Republic Day with pride in your tradition, culture and heritage. May you find this republic day quote satisfying enough to share across your friends and family network.

  • Celebrate this 74th Republic Day of India by remembering the ones who made this nation feel more proud and great.
  • Saluting our India on the 74th Republic Day with freedom in our mind, strength in our words, pureness in our blood and pride in our hearts.
  • This Republic Day 2023, all you must think about is how you will make your nation feel more pride with your innovative mind.
  • Happy Republic Day 2023 and hope you make a difference every day with small change.
  • Rejoicing the glory of pasts, may you create more ways to make every other’s lives happier and peaceful on this 74th Republic Day of India.

Republic Day quotes are such a significant moment when you share them with your social group, you make everyone realize the pride they must own in their hearts on this 26th January Republic Day of India. iBhejo has made this small effort with this not so perfect but petite curated list of Republic Day Quotes for you to celebrate this 74th Republic of India with joy and pride.


Padma awards are the next most important event that takes place on the evening of Republic Day after the republic day parade celebrations in the morning. Celebrate this 74th Republic Day of India. Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri are the highest civilian awards that are bestowed by the President on the awardees.

The Republic Day parade remains the highlight of the Republic day celebration at India Gate. Indian army regiments show their armaments and power through a power display at the parade through tableaux. Tableaux are also presented by States, Union Territories and other departments of the Union Government. India will be celebrating this 74th Republic Day of India with the Egyptian President as the chief guest.


When is the Republic Day of India?

Republic Day of India is on January 26th, 2023.

Where is the Republic Day flag hoisting ceremony held?

Republic Day flag hoisting ceremony is held at Kartavya Path between India Gate and Kartavaya Path.

What is Republic Day of India?

India became a republic on January 26th, 1950 when the Constitution of India came into effect and India no longer remained a dominion under the British Empire.

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