Diwali is a festival of family, we must say, as each and every member comes together for selected days to celebrate it. Diwali 2022 will be a grand celebration as families who weren’t able to meet during the pandemic time are now getting together to celebrate during the Diwali holiday with Diwali sweets, Diwali shopping during the Diwali sale 2022 and exchanging Diwali gifts.

Diwali festival 2022 will be quite grand both in India and abroad as now everyone knows US President Joe Biden has announced a Diwali celebration at the White House. Diwali holiday in India is mandatory across all states so this year, Diwali 2022 has a bank holiday of three days in total with a two-day weekend before the Diwali holiday. Therefore, Diwali 2022 is coming with a total of five days of holiday-week. is proud to present you imported Diwali gifts for celebrating Bhai Dooj 2022 and we also have an exclusive collection of imported fashion accessories, Diwali light decoration, home and kitchen products and Diwali Diya decoration to light up your Diwali festival 2022 more brightly and radiant. You can also shop Diwali gifts for this Bhai Dooj with our express delivery collection so you won’t worry about your last-minute shopping. Experience this Diwali 2022 celebration like never before as brings forward the best of imported diwali gifts for your family. 


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Diwali decoration can be done even with a paper decoration where you cut outs and craft new ideas into showpieces, wall-hanging or paper flower garlands. is celebrating Diwali 2022 by importing Diwali decoration items for you such as Diwali light decoration, Diwali Diya decoration, paper Diwali decoration ideas under the Arts & Crafts section, and more creative Diwali decoration in office spaces. 

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●       Diwali Light Decoration

First, in the list of Diwali decoration ideas 2022 is the best Diwali light decoration. At iBhejo, you can shop a wide range of imported pixie lights and LED lighting garlands in various designs and shapes. You arrange lamps all around the house and then wrap Diwali light garlands all over the house and other premises. We assure you only on iBhejo, you will get to shop and fulfill all your Diwali decoration ideas 2022.  

●       Diwali Diya Decoration

Diwali Diya decoration comes next in line of your Diwali decoration ideas 2022 and you will find traditional designs with LED fittings. iBhejo curates all its products based on quality and user experience. Traditional lamps with LED lighting are some of the modern ways to celebrate Diwali 2022 and you can find and shop Diwali Diya decoration online only on iBhejo. You can make use of these decoration lights to decorate your Akash Kandil for Diwali and make it more happening. Even these LED diyas are used to arrange Diwali Pooja decorations or make some rangoli designs for Diwali. 

●       Kandil for Diwali

Lanterns with built-in LED light is a modern Kandil for Diwali which is hung on your premises. It is said that the more lit and beautiful an Akash kandil for Diwali is, the more changes of wealth arriving to your household. Thus, people tend to shop kandil for Diwali online to get a bigger version but it is not necessary as you can get a petite Kandil for Diwali as well and make it a home decor item in your household forever even beyond Diwali 2022. 

●       Craft for Diwali

Kids and their parents will both love to make a craft for Diwali. It is a family activity where everyone puts effort to make something for Diwali decoration. iBhejo brings to your imported craft for Diwali with lots of colours, shapes and ideas. You can shop a wide range of paper Diwali decoration ideas to make a craft for Diwali like your own paper Akash kandil for Diwali or paper diwali diya decoration and then arrange small pixie lights over it. Craft for Diwali is a must-have activity amongst all of the Diwali decoration ideas 2022. 


What are the best paper Diwali decoration ideas 2022 ?

Craft paper can be used to make paper Diwali decoration ideas 2022 into beautiful paper Diwali Diya decoration, you can even insert small pixie lights and make paper Diwali light decoration and even craft an akash kandil for Diwali amongst several paper Diwali kandil designs. 

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How to make a creative Diwali decoration in Office ?

Simply, you start Diwali shopping on and buy imported creative diwali decoration in Office like diwali light decoration, diwali diya decoration, etc and look for some rangoli designs for Diwali and celebrate a beautiful and grand Diwali 2022 at the office. 

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