Your Ultimate Guide to CHRISTMAS 2022 Shopping List

Your Ultimate Guide to CHRISTMAS 2022 Shopping List

Your Netflix must be recommending a ton of Christmas movies and series now as the season comes ringing everywhere. Christmas 2022 is one of the mega events all over the globe celebrated with sheer happiness and joy. Love, family, friends and food are all what comes closer together in this festive season. 

Regardless of the Christmas history, Christmas 2022 is all about the biggest shopping sale where large amounts of discounts are offered and people start to shop their wish listed items of the year. Get your desirable Christmas decorations, Christmas crafts for kids, Christmas card, Christmas baking utensils and so much more in India all the way from the USA only on 


Those who follow the Gregorian calendar, December 25 is the date of Christmas but for the followers of Julian Calendar, it is the 7th of January. Many Orthodox Christians celebrate Christmas on this date. Therefore, you will get weird answers to the question - When is Christmas but it is always a feel-good celebration before the New Years Eve so let’s celebrate it with the whole world together. 

Christmas is intended to be the celebration of Jesus Christ's birthday but today it is seen as a global event where the winter season is somehow celebrated. Although Christmas is celebrated every year on December 25th, it is largely argued by the academics and historians that no exact date has been recorded of the birth of Jesus Christ. 


It is believed between 6 BCE and 4 BCE, Jesus Christ was born in the city of Bethlehem to a woman called Mary. Mary was engaged to Joseph but she was impregnated by a divine intervention as an angel - Gabriel informed her months prior. The prophecy came to be true when baby Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary and it is said she remained a virgin afterwards. 

Interestingly, the City of Bethlehem today is a part of the State of Palestine and it is still a pilgrim site for Christian community. Throughout the records of history of both Palestine and Israel, there is no solid answer about what is the actual date of birth of Jesus Christ? Therefore, how do we assume when Christmas is and why do we celebrate it on December 25th every year? Let’s get into Christmas history before you start your chaotic Christmas 2022 Sale. 


The Roman Empire was one of the earliest adopters of Christianity as a state religion and they quickly spread it to various communities. As per certain records, around the year 336 CE, during the reign of Roman Emperor Constantine, Christmas as a celebration gained prominence. 

As per the Christmas history that we must recall in Christmas 2022 celebrations, it was the festival of celebrating winter solstice in the northern hemisphere that took place around the same time i.e. end of December. Christmas began as a replacement to the local traditions related to winter solstice. Therefore, even today, one can notice the similarities in terms of garland decorations between winter solstice celebrations in Scandinavian countries and the Christmas 2022 celebrations. 


Santa Claus has emerged as a prominent figure in the Christmas celebration over the years. Although, orthodox Christian community will not uphold Santa Claus at all. Over the course of centuries, Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, Saint Nick and Santa Claus evolved with different variations in their costumes. Even the round belly and red outfit of Santa Claus came into existence just a century ago. It is said that Father Christmas and Saint Nicholas were mythical figures in Church history.

Today, Santa Claus is a popular mascot for Christmas celebration all over the world. His round belly and white beard along with that red costume is so iconic that he remains a favourite figure even for Non-Christian communities. Nowadays, Christmas Sale makes him their brand ambassador to offer discounted deals as a gift for this Christmas 2022. It surely makes kids and their parents go shopping for Christmas 2022 Sale. 


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  • Christmas Gifts

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  • Christmas Card

Nativity scenes of the birth of Jesus Christ are perfectly depicted in a classic Christmas card. During Christmas 2022, a Christmas card is the best way to celebrate the spirit of this holiday scene and it is even found to be a good activity where Christmas Crafts for Kids are arranged and they are instructed on how to make a Christmas Card themselves. iBhejo has a small yet curated collection of Christmas cards made available in distinct designs just for you. 

  • Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations are incomplete without the home decor wreath and beautiful crystal balls to hang around the house. This Christmas 2022, Christmas decorations are a must if you are organizing Christmas party or a Christmas dinner for your local community. You can even make your own decor through a engaging activity of Christmas Crafts for kids. 

  • Christmas Dinner

Baking gingerbread man or delicious cookies are a must for Christmas dinner. Other main elements of Christmas Dinner are some non-veg specialties like chicken curry, egg rice and much more delicacies. Shop your required Christmas dinner utensils directly from the United States only on iBhejo at discounted rates for limited time. Get every Christmas shopping item delivered to you within 10-14 days of order placement.

  • Christmas Tree

Christmas tree is always an essential element of Christmas decorations at home and outdoor Christmas celebrations. From garland to crystal ball, and then LED lighting all over the branches through the stem. Shop all Christmas tree essentials on iBhejo Christmas 2022 Sale now with additional discount coupon available till Holiday Season kicks in.


When is Jesus Christ's Birthday?

As per Biblical accounts, it is believed that Jesus Christ was born around 6 BCE and 4 BCE in the city of Bethlehem. There is no exact date available as to when Jesus Christ was born.    

How to say Christmas greetings?

Generally, it is universally acknowledged to express your Christmas greetings simply by saying ‘Happy Christmas’ or ‘Merry Christmas’.

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